Top 10 Interview Tips

  • February 01, 2018
Top 10 Interview Tips

AllenDay’s Top 10 Interview Tips

Interviews can be a nerve-racking experience for most candidates, our consultants at AllenDay have put together their Top 10 Tips on how to be the winning applicant and secure your dream role.

Research the company

It’s important to do your research! Companies often expect you to know certain facts about the business or the industry sector they work within, equipping yourself with knowledge will reflect that your keen and have an interest. Facts and knowledge can be found through searching the company website, social media channels and researching the company online. It is also beneficial to look through the job description in depth, pick out your main assets you can bring to the team and think of things you have achieved that can highlight your skills on other areas that you may lack experience.

Give yourself time 

Being late for an interview could ultimately cost you your dream role. To make sure you arrive on time, plan your route beforehand and ensure your mode of transport is reliable. We recommend that candidates arrive at an interview between 10 and 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment, this will give you enough time to check in with reception and prepare.

The one bag rule

According to industry experts, candidates should abide by a one bag rule! Walking into a job interview with arms full of bags can detract from the candidate and may give and unorganised impression. One, well organised, professional bag is the perfect accompaniment to your interview outfit.

Bring a pen

To avoid having to ask the interviewer to borrow a pen, it’s always safe to take one in case you need to write anything down! Whether it be filling in forms or taking notes, we always recommend packing a spare black pen.

Have a list of questions to ask the employer

At the end of almost all interviews, you will be asked whether you have any questions to ask about the job or company. It’s at this point where many people hit a blank! Having five questions rehearsed is the perfect way to highlight to the interviewer your interest in the job as well as having the opportunity to gain as much information about the company first hand.

Bring extra copies of your CV

An interview can often be held with more than one representative from the company, it’s always handy to carry a few extra CV’s in your bag to hand out to the additional members of the panel.

Ensure you have brought everything required

An interview invitation will often close with a list of items the company require you to bring to on the day, this can range from a task to complete, copies of your passport or documents such as qualifications. Ensure to check the invitation before you set off and triple check that you have all the items specified, without these - you may not be considered for the job!  


Although easier said than done, being relaxed will help you feel more comfortable and confident throughout your interview and hopefully gain you your dream job! It’s very normal to feel nervous and anxious but with a few deep breaths and some self-belief, you should soon warm up to those who are conducting your interview.

Don’t forget to SMILE!

With lots to try and remember as well as feeling the interview nerves, people often forget to bring their smile with them. There is no better way to make a great first impression than to greet your interviewer with a warm, friendly smile as well as a confident handshake. With a smile on your face – you can accomplish almost anything.

Follow up with a ‘Thank You’

If you are really happy with how your interview went and now you 100% want the job, the best way to leave a lasting impression is follow up with a ‘Thank You’. Taking your time to send a thank you email or message not only is polite and professional, but is also a great way to reinforce your interest in the position which could also sway their decision in your favour. Remember to keep your follow up short and sweet, employers are not keen on receiving long winded messages with lots of questions.