New year’s resolution…find your dream job in 2016?

  • January 15, 2016
New year’s resolution…find your dream job in 2016?

Now that Christmas and New Year are a long and distant memory, you may be one of the 42% of British people looking for a new job in January. So what are you waiting for? Well, it's time to land that dream job in 2016 with the help of AllenDay’s top tips for success:

Be clear about what you really want

Before you even start applying for jobs make sure you know what you want from your new job, from what you'll be doing day-to-day to the sort of company you'd like to work for. Be really focussed about your job search so that you don’t waste your time and potential employers!

Don't underestimate the power of social media

Social media is great for making the right connections and making your name known in the industry. Follow hiring managers, recruitment staff and key people in the companies where you want to work on Twitter and LinkedIn etc. Jobs are often posted on social media sites before appearing on a job site. Use your social media account to showcase your personality, knowledge and experience.

Don't let money motivate you

Don't be put off if a job post lists a salary that isn't in the region you were looking for, there is always room for negotiation!

Attend trade fairs and conferences

These are great because you have a large congregation of the relevant industry professionals under one roof, unlike job fairs which cover a multitude of industries. Approach stands, attend seminars and pass your business card or CV around, you never know what opportunities this might open up.

Use a recruitment agency

Well, we had to put that one in!! Recruitment agencies will match you with jobs that you may not have considered before. At AllenDay, we work hard to brief all of our candidates about the roles we are recruiting for, making sure you are well prepared for your interview and more likely to secure your dream job.  Follow us on social media - we are on Facebook or @AllenDayLtd on Twitter to see our latest jobs.

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Kathy Allen