How to dress for a job interview

  • February 09, 2018
How to dress for a job interview

AllenDay’s Interview Outfit Recommendations  

Here at AllenDay, we took some time to ask our recruitment consultants their opinions and advice on the ideal interview outfit. Below they have come up with their handy tips and recommendations to help you impress and land your dream role.

Keeping it simple is key

Wearing more than two bold colours to an interview can be distracting for the interviewer and look disorganised. Avoid garish colours and prints as well as statement jewellery, stick to one or two colours that complement the rest of your ensemble. A simple, well refined outfit can improve your chances of becoming the winning candidate and land you your dream role.

Layer up for all conditions 

Interview rooms can vary in temperatures, dressing for all types of climates is key for maximum comfort. Be prepared and select items of clothing that can be layered up! We recommend a blazer over a blouse for woman or a jacket over a shirt for men, this will then give you the option to remove layers if required.

You don’t have to buy something new

Interviewers are not looking for candidates with the latest clothes and fashion, the quality of the candidate will shine through any outfit. You might find yourself uncomfortable, restricted and stuffy wearing something that you have not yet worn before and this may affect your performance and confidence to excel. Make sure you choose an outfit that represents you and make sure it’s something you feel comfortable in. 

The polished look

Once you have chosen your winning look, the most important next step is to ensure that the clothes are fresh and laundered. A creased shirt or unpolished shoes can look unprofessional and with first impressions being significant, the difference between being hired or declined could be an unkempt candidate. Interviewees are advised to keep makeup simple as well as keeping piercings to a minimum, a well-presented hair style is also an added way to maximise your professional look.

AllenDay’s recommended outfit selections


Clothes – A white shirt teamed with either chinos or smart work trousers, finished with a suit jacket and/ or a smart coat.

Shoes – Polished shoes or brogues.


Clothes – A blouse with a choice of smart trousers or a pencil skirt, finished with a tailored blazer.

Shoes – Flat pumps or small heels.