Getting your work-life balance right

  • November 04, 2016
Getting your work-life balance right

2 November was National Stress Awareness Day. It’s a well-known fact that work can be a huge contributor to our stress levels, but how can we manage this better? How can we ensure that work doesn’t get us worked up, and we manage our work-life balance?

Here are our tips to help you to get it right:

Create a good routine

Consider what you want to achieve on the average week. How many hours do you need to spend at work? How many hours would you like to spend exercising, spending time with your family, enjoying your hobbies? Plan out your week and you’re more likely to stick to those times and prioritise.

Be accountable

Within reason, you are in control of your time. If you’re working more hours and feeling stressed at work, talk to your employer. You’ll probably find that they value your contribution, and will work with you to help you balance out your life better.

Before talking to your manager, think about what you’re going to say – be professional, and point out the benefits of what you’re proposing (for example you may be more productive, if less pressured).

How can you be more efficient?

Perhaps you get easily distracted by colleagues, emails, phone calls, or maybe there are certain times of the day where you just can’t focus (a post-lunch slump, for example). Plan your day so that you take advantage of your most productive times, manage your distractions, and you’ll get more done.

Take time to rest

Just a quick break away from your working environment to get a coffee, or a short walk during your lunch break can really re-charge your batteries and help you to reduce stress, and be more efficient during the rest of the day. No matter what your workload, make sure you get the breaks you need and use them wisely.

Knowing when to stop

Set a time that you’re going to leave work each day, and try to stick to it. If you’re taking work home, limit this so that you’re not exceeding the number of hours you need to work. Don’t check your emails during holidays or weekends – try to switch off and have some time for yourself. You’ll be more productive, and less stressed, when you return.

Take time for you

Think about what you enjoy (or used to enjoy) doing. Whether it’s water colour painting, watching TV, walking your dog, yoga, football … whatever you enjoy, ensure you make time for it. Keeping a healthy mind is all about balancing having fun and achieving goals. Don’t forget the fun. A less stressed you, will be a happier, healthier, more productive you.

Still feeling stressed?

These ideas should help you to gain a better work-life balance, but sometimes you have to realise that it’s time to move on and find a new job. If it’s time, speak to us and we’ll help you to find your next role.