A foodbank supermarket dash for Morestaff and AllenDay Recruitment

  • January 02, 2019
A foodbank supermarket dash for Morestaff and AllenDay Recruitment
On Friday 21st December, the Morestaff and AllenDay Recruitment offices held a charity raffle, with half of the proceeds raised going to the Dunstable Foodbank and the other half going to Autism Bedfordshire.
Throughout the month of December, our fantastic Clients, Suppliers and Employees donated over 100 items to the charity raffle. One supplier in particular (Blue Spear Transport), donated over 15 bottles of wine, 10 boxes of chocolate and various other items, all of which were truly appreciated.
On the day of the raffle, both companies raised a total of £217.24, which included a generous cash donation from our IT provider.
With over £100 to spend, Morestaff and AllenDay employees Robyn and Jackie visited the local supermarket the next day equipped with a shopping list of essential items required by the Foodbank.
Thanks to the generous donations and ticket purchases, the pair were able to purchase two shopping trolleys filled with over 300 items of food including pasta, porridge oats and a variety of tins.
The large delivery of food was gratefully received by the Dunstable Foodbank on Church Street Dunstable just in time for Christmas.
Dunstable Foodbank
Christ Church Dunstable
West Street
All food items donated to the Foodbank are distributed to people and families in need. Morestaff and AllenDay are delighted to have been able to support this charity and will continue to do so throughout the course of 2019.
A huge thank you to all of those who donated.